An hour before their pitch things start to unravel in the waiting room; they being to feel the pressure of their assumed inevitable success, inconsistencies in how they envisioned their film become apparent, an old rash re-appears, unsettled grudges start to arise, they’ve eaten all the complimentary digestive biscuits (which is never good), more rashes appear and the complications in their love lives threaten to derail them before they even get into the meeting.
This Pitch is a comic tale of delusional characters, terrible film ideas, epic tangents and petty problems delivered in a hilarious yet touching one-hour performance.

27th of September to the 30th at 7:00pm at The Factory Theatre

Written and Directed by Michael Abercromby and James Sweeny
Cornerstone Pictures is the biggest film production company south of the equator. They have big budgets, big production value and big ideas. Only the brightest writers and filmmakers are employed and they are instantly catapulted onto the Hollywood scene. The President’s office sits at the top of a high-rise building in the heart of the city – this is where deals are made, and egos are crushed.
Next door sits its next victims. Tim – young, decent looking, money driven, self-assured and misinformed; and his best mate Tom – also young, also decent looking, also money driven, a tad self-assured and very misinformed. They have somehow bluffed their way into a meeting with giants of the film industry and have the greatest film idea to date locked safely away in their brains – or so they think.