JackRabbit Theatre


JackRabbit flew on over to Perth for the third largest Fringe Festival in the world, taking Michael Abercromby's Lucidity as well as Charlie Falkner's Dirty People. It was the best of times it was the blurst of times. Dirty People got mentioned as one of the top 10 shows you may miss, and Lucidity was listed in Isolated Nation's Top Picks for the festival. Both shows were awarded four stars by The Australia Times. 

 "Falkner and Abercromby have pulled off something wonderful here" - The Australia Times (Dirty People)

"The characters in Dirty People are about as slick as an oil spill on an iceberg; and just as deadly" - Isolated Nation

"This is a cleverly written play – Michael Abercromby has done it again" - The Australia Times (Lucidity)