Hailing from Sydney, Lucidity is a new play written and directed by Michael Abercromby, dealing with addiction, reality, control and dreams.

Written and directed by Michael Abercromby
Original Cast:
Andreas Lohmeyer
Charlotte Hazzard
Shaynee Brayshaw
Felicity McKay

West Australian Premiere Cast:
Andreas Lohmeyer
Charlotte Devenport
Alex Malone
Shaynee Brayshaw

“Life, what we call life, is only two thirds of our potential life. So why does the waking world have the monopoly on living?”

Alex is in the business of dreams. A young, charismatic, self-help tycoon who has made millions promoting the benefits of lucid dreaming through his company Lucidity. Dealt some unexpected blows, Alex starts abusing his methodology and ultimately finds himself caught between two worlds; one he can control, the other he cannot.