JackRabbit Theatre



Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival
The Factory Theatre

idiot juice (1).jpg

“…vibrates with a sense of unmistakable excitement”
- Suzy Goes See

”Very funny, frenetic and more than slightly ridiculous”
- The Buzz From Sydney

Written by Charlie Falkner with improvisation from James Sweeny, Alex Malone and Charlie Falkner.
Poster by Tom Cramond

"I definitely want a tiger at my funeral. Definitely."
"...A tiger?"
"Just a big tiger."

Brothers Greg and Stally are at a funeral. They've done this before. Go to the funeral, sell the Idiot Juice and walk away.
But this one's different.
They don't know how they got there, or whose funeral they're at. When their sister arrives in no state to be at a funeral, they realise this isn't what they're used to. They need a plan. Fast.

Idiot Juice is the latest offering from upcoming theatre company JackRabbit Theatre; a fifty minute rush of comedy and chaos with three idiots at the helm. Playing at THE FACTORY THEATRE for Sydney Fringe Comedy.