JackRabbit Theatre



The Depot Theatre

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”If they aren’t household names yet, they soon will be if they continue to be associated with such top notch productions as this from JackRabbit Theatre”
- Sydney Scoop

“Vastly amusing…an authentic ring to it”
- The Buzz From Sydney

”Abercromby has created a wonderful show”
- Upstaged Reviews

Written and Directed by Michael Abercromby
Assistant Directed by Charlotte Devenport
Photos by Tom Cramond
Cast: Lincoln Vickery, Elle Harris, Jack Angwin, Andreas Lohmeyer, Charlie Falkner, Mary Soudi

Start a band, get a space get a vibe, get a gig, get a following.
Get a studio, get signed, get a record deal, get played, get famous.
Get rich, get laid, get fucked, get screwed out of royalties. Get wasted, get fired, get petty, get an ego, get knocked out on live television. Get shafted, get ruthless get everything you ever wanted.