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Bondi Pavillion / Depot Theatre / Perth Fringe World

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"All cast and crew are to be commended for this awe-inspiring work, that serves as a reminder of just how good new Australian theatre can be"
- Theatre Now

"A delightful romp about the selfie generation. Its dialogue is clever and idiosyncratic, with hints of originality that gives the work remarkable character"
- Suzy Goes See

"An exemplification of what independent theatre and new writing can do"
- The Music

Written by Charlie Falkner
Directed by Michael Abercromby / Lucy Clements
Produced by Emma Diaz
Poster by Nick Delorenzo
Cast: Samuel Delich, Zoe Jensen, Charlotte Devenport, Sam Devenport and Charlie Falkner

Five angry people sit in a dingy Sydney bar, complaining about their lives. About Sydney. And Melbourne. And those weird jumpers people wear around their waists.

They're rude, selfish and honest.

But Lucy isn't really there for a date and The Waiter knows something he shouldn't. As the night unfolds, chaos ensues at the hands of a near death. Dirty.

JackRabbit's original and critically acclaimed work Dirty People returns to Sydney once again, this time splattering its mess at Bondi Feast. At a sixty minute length, Dirty People is a slap-in-­the-­face rollercoaster with five horrible people at the helm. With four ­star seasons in both Sydney (2016) and Perth (2017), Dirty People is a snapshot of a self­-obsessed generation beneath a gritty surface that you'll hate or love.

They don't care either way.